iPad App Features

Offline Mode

When you don't have a WiFi or 4G internet connection, you are still able to access all of your committee materials.

Customer Defined Storage Settings

Each customer can decide how many board packages they would like to have access to while they are using Offline Mode.

Same ID and Password

The iPad App uses the same logon credentials as the portal. There is no need to remember two separate ID and Passwords.

Meeting Room

Access your most current committee materials online or offline on the iPad.

It's FREE!

The iPad App is included in your Director Access contract at no additional cost.


Access all of your calendar events on the iPad online or offline.


Users can view and vote on approvals from their iPads.

Committee Filter

Sit on multiple committees? Not a problem. We can filter your committee materials so you only see the committee you want.


The app can also access your committees' archived packages. Each link will open up into the meeting archives. This will open into the meetings' documents.


Users can view the user directory and contact information.

Portrait or Landscape

Hold the iPad which ever way you're most comfortable reviewing your documents. The app automatically adjusts to which ever way you hold it.

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