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The newly redesigned iPad app is now available

The primary goal of this app is to deliver true offline access.

The whole idea of board portals, allowing your board to access board packages online, has been a relatively new concept over the past few years. Customers across many different industries have slowly adapted this idea as security, privacy, and speed of delivery have become a growing concern during these tough economic times. Convincing a company president or chief operations officer may not be as difficult as convincing the people who will actually be using the portal; the board members themselves. Going from a traditionally bound paper board book to a digital format is a big jump for board members. Being comfortable with a tangible 8 by 11 piece of paper is understandable. In fact paper, in the form of Papyrus fibers, was used as long ago as 3500BC. Is it possible that the newest technology on the market will help bridge that gap?

The new Apple iPad's are more convenient than ever. The thin, high-resolution, 9.7-inch LED-backlit display is remarkably crisp and vivid. This makes it perfect for web browsing, watching movies, viewing photos, or even reviewing board packages. It allows access to your email as well. It stands 9.4 inches tall by 6.6 inches wide making it just a couple of inches smaller than a standard piece of paper. The light 1 pound weight and thin 0.29 inch frame make it comfortably portable; much lighter than a traditional board package. Its long battery life of 10 hours is also very beneficial. The WiFi, and 4g LTE capabilities, make it easy to access the internet from anywhere that coverage is available, including the board room.

Director Access App for iPad

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Director Access is a secure, browser-based, online board portal developed by FIS. It's because of FIS's banking experience that Director Access has met the needs of so many banks over the last few years. "When the iPad was released in early April, FIS was able to react quickly because Director Access was developed in-house by our own programmers. Within only a few days, Director Access was tested and released for full iPad support. FIS will always do our best to keep existing and future customers ahead of the curve in the technology world" says Patrick Schunke, Line of Business Executive at FIS.

Access with a single touch

Marrying the iPad with Director Access enables you to access your board packages with a single touch. Along with instant access to current board packages, you'll have access to an archive of board materials, loan request documentation, vendor management tools, calendar of events, secure messaging system, polls, forums, surveys, contact directory, and a central repository reserved for policies, procedures, and any other digital document you'd like your directors to have access to. The display automatically adjusts to being held vertically or horizontally. Directors will have the ability to zoom in to view smaller type and flip from page to page with the simple flick of the finger tip.

Keeping things simple

What you will not find on the iPad are files, folders, or windows. This is because iPad is not meant to take the place of a desktop computer or laptop. This keeps things simple. Perfect for what a Director needs to access their board packages. No fluff, no distractions; Just practical, engaging, and convenient. Coupled with Director Access we may have found the future of the distribution of board packages and their presentment inside the board room.

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