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iPad App Security Information

Security is end to end. The connection from the iPad to the FIS Web Server is performed via TLS. A certificate FIS purchased from Starfield which uses RSA 2048 bit encryption.

The iPad operates in fully disconnected mode most of the time. It only synchronizes when necessary. The exchange of all data is heavily encrypted using the above military/banking accepted cryptographic routine. During this encrypted data exchange, FIS sends the iPad a crypto key to lock the data on the iPad.

The crypto key on the iPad is NEVER stored on the hard drive, it is stored in running memory where the address of the key changes upon each request.

The iPad stores data in two places. Data in the form of files are stored on the device's "hard drive" so to speak similar to how files are stored on your computer. The files are encrypted using a symmetrical cryptography algorithm called AES-256. Data in the form of data shown in fields on the screens are stored in a database. The database uses a SQL engine for speed, but if the database file is taken, it is also AES-256 encrypted.

The AES algorithm is specified in FIPS Pub 197. AES encrypts and decrypts data in 128-bit blocks using 128-, 192- or 256-bit keys. NIST specifically states: "All three key sizes are considered adequate for Federal Government applications up through Classified Secret." We implement the highest level, 256 bit.

If an iPad was "Jail Broken", and the documents were reverse engineered within a hex editor, they would be filled with random unreadable bytes.

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