iPad App Upgrades

Director Access iPad App Upgrade History

Version 3.6
  • 3/4G Sync All error fixed
Version 3.5
  • Client defined inactivity time out added
Version 3.3
  • iOS 7.1 Compatibility
Version 3.2
  • Sync error fix.
Version 3.0
  • Time out option added. This will allow directors to navigate away from the app for a client defined number of minutes without being signed out.
  • Client Logo added to the app
  • Messages added to the app.
  • Document Vault added to the app
  • App buttons can be removed at client request
  • Option to sync up to 3 meetings per committee, depending on size
  • Annotation option changes:
    • Photo Annotation Removed
    • Strikethrough Added
    • Page options added. Lock Page, Rotate Page, Next Page, and Previous Page
  • New documents added to a meeting will appear in proper order
  • Users will no longer need to enter full URL, only unique site ID.
  • FIS Alerts added. App users will get a pop-up alert if Director Access will be temporarily unavailable.
Version 2.3
  • iOS 7 Compatibility
Version 2.2
  • Zip file error fixed
Version 2.1
  • Reset forgotten password from the app added
  • Change password and personal information added
  • Choose which committee to sync when syncing multiple files.
  • Sync files directly from the Meeting Room screen
  • Switch between documents in a committee meeting without going back to the main document list.
  • Add and view public notes to a document
  • Minor Bug Fixes
Version 2.0
  • Archive Added
  • Approvals Added
  • Settings Added
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Added
  • Directory Added
Version 1.9
  • Security Updates
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • No longer supporting iOS 4
Version 1.8
  • PDF annotation added with iAnnotate
    • Freehand Annotations
    • Highlighting
    • Underlining
    • Bookmarks
    • Sticky Notes
    • Page Jump
    • Search Feature
    • Photo Annotations
    • Annotation Table of Contents
    • Page Jump
  • Users syncing past documents when a new package is created fixed
  • Sync Freeze Fixed
  • Minor Bug Fixes
Version 1.7
  • Calendar issue fixed
  • File deletion issue fixed
  • Minor Bug Fixes
Version 1.6

Minor Bug Fixes

Version 1.5

Minor Bug Fixes

Version 1.4
  • Calendar data displaying on the wrong day
  • Documents names containing symbols causing app to crash on the sync screen
  • Repeated sync even though there are no new files for download
  • Documents not displaying in the right order
  • Document list disappears when returning from document view
  • Offline crash issues
  • Additional stabilization issues
Version 1.3

Minor Bug Fixes

Version 1.2
  • Screen orienation to match device added
  • Calendar icon updated to show current date
  • Sync screen expanded
  • Committee list improved
  • Calendar view imnproved
  • Log out procedure streamlined
Version 1.0 4/30/11

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